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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I have to catch you up!

I feel bad about my lack of attention to updating my running blog... Ok.. here goes..

I am in week 9 of my training plan for the Vulcan 10k. As I have 10 weeks of training until the race I am very unsure of my current readiness. I have to realize that I am NOT going to set PR's every time I run a "big" race and that I am still in a phase of training that is designed to get me back in shape for the 2010 race season.. not 2009. So, let's get on with the training update!

August was a low mileage month. I had the unscheduled race (Wallahachee Woodlands 5k) that I talked about in the last blog blog entry.. it WAS hot so I did opt for the 5k instead of the 10k and was pretty glad I did. Race time was 22:02.. Not my fastest but I was happy about the consistent mile splits of 6:55; 7:09; 7:03. I came in 2nd in age group.. a little disappointed in that.. the 1st place was just a few seconds ahead and I really should have pushed myself to get the 1st place.. but I didn't lose any sleep and since I really didn't see this as a goal race.. I'm ok with it... I know I can do better.. but I didn't prove it at that race..

The past week I missed most of the week's training due to sickness. I never ran a temperature.. or felt anything really other than I was just dead tired. I think I started feeling it on my Saturday run and on Tuesday I just kept feeling worse as the day went on.. So, I laid out of going to work on Wed and Thur and by Friday I was good enough to go back to work (are u bored yet?) but still laid out on Sat... I Ran 7.6 this AM and besides thinking that I ran a mile to long it was a good run. So back to the training plan starting tomorrow.. but as Chris Russell ( http://runrunlive.com/ ) said the other day.. 'If you miss a week of training, don't double up thinking that this will get you back on track, it will more than likely set you back. Just pick up where you left off." So that is what I will do.

Before I run the Vulcan I do have a half marathon http://www.hyundaihalf.com/ on the schedule.But as I have said this is going to be a more of a training run than a race. But I'd still like to do well!

I have enjoyed providing some entries to the extra mile podcast ( http://theextramilepodcast.blogspot.com/ ) during the past couple of months. The design of this podcast is to provide a place for runners to send mp3 recordings of their training updates. Kevin then puts them together and posts it on iTunes for download. Kevin has had some good things to say about my submissions and I have really enjoy sending them in. Yeah,, it's kind of strange to be running down the road talking to "myself" but at 3:30 in the morning.. there is really no one there to see me or hear me doing it anyway.. and besides I'm not really talking to myself, I'm talking to all the people that will listen to the podcast.. I just hope that what I have to say is of some interest to the listeners.

For this blog... I would really like to tell some stories of my present and past running.. I will do that soon.. maybe there will be some enjoyment to the reader...

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