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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Body, Don't fail me now!!

Ok.. who else does that happen to? You do all the right training and keep your diet in check for months.. then the week before the race you start to feel drained and you start to think that you catching a cold..

Well this is where I am today.. Yesterday I started to feel like my throat was swollen.. then that went away and now I just feel worn out.. I took a day off from work to rest and will get a good nights sleep tonight.. and maybe tomorrow will be better..

The night before the race is turning out to be less than perfect for a race on Saturday. My daughter plays in the High School band and as parents of a band member we have volunteered to work one of the many concession stands. I will try to leave at halftime and get a headstart on a good nights sleep..

This brings up a good hint.... The most important rest night is the night before the eve of your race. Just in case you are like me and are often restless the night before a race you don't go into the race day with two nights of less than your required rest.

I am sure that this is a very temp problem I am having..and will be race ready on Saturday morning.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Well... It's almost here....

One more week till the Inaugural Montgomery Half Marathon. Hope everyone's training has been as they needed and that there will be some PR's set this coming weekend.

I ran 8 miles this AM as my last long run. I will taper most of this week. My legs are feeling petty heavy and I just feel that they need some rest more than they need miles at this point.

Good news is the whether is taking a break from the high temps and humidity starting on Monday!!! And even better yet it looks as though race day will follow a night with a low of  around 64* and the high expected of 79. Just as a reference it was already 79 at 10:00 this morning... and around 85% humidity.

No further words of wisdom..

The number of entrants has increased.. Looks like around 450 runners at this point.. No doubt there will be some late entrants and we will breach 500 total! That would really be a good sign for the organizers and Hyundai for the continuation of what could be a very popular Race of the South.

I'll keep saying it.. this is a GREAT course. I think will impress most who run it and I can't wait to hear some of the post race comments!  Yeah.. it starts with a rather long hill and the hills at the end can certainly test you.. but what is between makes up for it... The reward will be in the calm serenity and pleasant streets of Montgomery's campus and residential areas as the course welcomes everyone who accepts the challenge of 13.1 miles.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What I wear

I thought fellow montgomeryhalf.com blogger Jeff ( http://runjeffmoody.blogspot.com/ ) had a pretty good entry yesterday. He wrote about what he eats, wears and listens to when he runs. So OK, I'll do the same..

Starting at the top.. I usually wear a tech hat. When I first started back running a few years back I wore a cotton baseball cap.. not good.... Tech hats are built to wick away the moisture and dry quickly. Lately, I have been sporting a tech visor. This is a little cooler because the heat that is released through the top of your head is not trapped.

Reflective vest!!!! Always when I run!! VERY IMPORTANT!!! 

Shirt or no shirt?  For me, as long as the temp is above 60 degrees I choose to go shirtless. It's just my preference. I have several running singlets which is my cover of choice when the temps get below 60 but above 45. For temps between 35 and 45 I'll run with something that has short sleeves. for Temps below 35 I'll go long sleeves. Of course all these gear is moisture wick tech material.

Gloves or Mittens? I like mittens when it gets real cold because the fingers can keep each other warm. For other low temp training runs the choice is gloves.

Shorts: Always shorts.. split side shorts..n matter how cold it gets.  I guess I am just old school when it comes to running shorts and I just don't like the long shorts (basketball shorts is what I call them) that I see other runners wearing.. I guess growing up running in the 70's this was the thing to wear and I still think it is.. although sometimes I wonder if I am to old to be wearing them.. but as long as they will make split side shorts, I'll be wearing them... and besides they make me feel faster!! hahaha!

Socks: I wear Asics socks that are designed to fit the each foot. By that, I mean they are made like shoes, one is for the right foot and one for the left foot. They are padded and have extra elastic and support in the correct areas for the right and left foot. I won't change from this style sock.. They are THAT good.

Shoes: Asics Nimbus 11. I have been wearing the Nimbus style since they were Nimbus 8's. They are great shoes for my foot and running needs. I replace shoes after I put about 350 on a pair.

RoadID with emergency contact information. I will not knowingly go on a run without my RoadID. This was a promise I made to my wife.  I HIGHLY recommend that everyone get one and wear it. www.roadid.com

Garmin 305 GPS: Never go for a run without it. Most of the time I use the heart rate monitor to check my heart rate during the run so that I am in the proper HR zone for my training.

Safety glasses: I run when it's dark and I wear a pair of safety glasses that my daughter got when she took a tour at the Hyundai plant. They are great and very good quality. They protect from flying bugs, dirt that is stirred from passing cars and low hanging tree limbs.

Sunglasses: Oakley Half Jacket

Body glide in liberal amounts in areas that it is needed.. :-)

Music: I don't normally listen to anything while I am running.. I used to, but I just got to where I trained better without it. I will at times listen to running podcasts. (read my blog from a couple days back).

Food: I don't eat before my training runs and I prefer to race on an empty stomach. This works for me and you may have a different technique. On race day I try to get up 3 hours before the race time so that my body is awake. I will eat a banana or something else that is light and easy to digest right when I get up. I also will have at least one cup of coffee about 2 hours before race time.

Well.. who knew you could say so much about something so mundane as running gear.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Race Day Equipment Check

Do you wait until the last moment.. like race day morning,  to get everything you will need for race day? Scrambling around trying to remember what to take... hoping that you don't forget anything.. and 9 out of 10 times you will because you waited? Race day morning you need to have your mind on your race strategy or just relaxing. Hustling around getting gel paks, body glide and socks will get you all geared up and anxious. This is defeating to your race preparation.  Instead, what you need is a race day list and a place in your house or apt that you always place this gear. Some runners I have heard actually dress out in there race gear the night before so they know just what they are taking.. and some even sleep in there race wear!! Well.. I think that is going a little far but whatever helps..

Here is a list of items that you can pick and choose from to help make your own race day list.

Shorts (can't imagine you forgetting this.. but you want them in your gathering place) :-)
Sun Glasses
Safety pins
Hat or Visor
Watch or GPS
Post race beverage
Body Glide or vaseline
Registration cash or check
Racing chip zip tied to shoe
RoadID or medical bracelet (HIGHLY recommended for anyone that runs!!!! ) www.roadid.com
breathright strips
Gel paks

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Find a Positive.. well maybe..

Today's long run, once again covering the Montgomery Half Marathon course, was less that positive. After running it twice over the last couple of weeks, with positive results, today's run was just a matter of survival! Temps were in high 70's and humidity was 95% @ 6:30 AM.

James and I had a fellow runner named Chris run the course with us today.. I knew when I saw him get out of his car that he was gonna be a good runner. Just had that body frame ...every bit of 130 lbs. and just made like an efficient distance runner... my instincts were right. We all ran together at a nice crusin pace of around 8:30/mi. Then Chris and James took off after about 8 miles. For me the heat and humidity was just to much to overcome and it just killed me. I DO NOT do well with heat/humidity conditions. So, I just let them go to the races and do what they wanted. I dropped back and slogged through the remaining miles... I really need a cold front on race day!!  I think my sweat soaked shirt/shorts/shoes weighed 5 or 6 lbs when I finished.

Today I just couldn't keep up with these two guys. Chris is in our age group and from what we saw today he has a good chance to take our age group on race day.. James will do well also...  I am just not in the shape that I need to be, to be competitive with my fellow age groupers. I will get there but I am looking long term and not expecting to be back to my former self until this time next year.. I'm also trying not to put to much pressure on myself or to make excuses,  but I know what I am capable of running when I am in top form..  I am not there now.. I just need to be patient and work my way back up.

I did my first ice bath after the run today.. it was COLD but I think my legs don't feel spent and fatigued like they would normally be after a run of this length.

College football on the tube today.. been raining so much this week I don't know when the grass will be dry enough to cut....

Monday, September 14, 2009

It's a Distance Runner Thing

OK.. I know this isn't that is normal, even for a distance runner, but I have three black toenails ... One that is mature and two that are trying to grow up be like their older twin. It think the last one I got was sometime in 2007 and that was only one. The main cause for black toenails is your toes rubbing or hitting the top of your shoe. To the most part that comes from shoes that are to small. I have been running in the same brand/style/size of shoe for the past 7 years and this just confuses me.  They did change the style a little this year but one of the first things I noticed about the new style was the roomy toe box.. Thus my confusion.. or maybe that is the problem..  I've read a couple of web site articles and there are a some other reasons that might be a cause. One is having too loose a running shoes... on each foot fall your foot slippage could cause my foot to slip up the toe box and press up against the end of the shoe. The top of my right foot was hurting so I loosened up my Yankz laces... so this could also have lead to the demise of my once three healthy nails. Well.. that is enough on that..

This is a new training week

I started the week off with a 7 miler. Just a nice paced run. I will run 7 mile runs Mon - Wed - Fri and then the half marathon course again on Saturday. I'll update you more this week...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Second Verse Same As the First

Well.. not really.. But I did run the Montgomery Half course again today. That makes twice this week... Hmm if I add up both times for the two halfs... that makes a 3:24 full marathon.. Well a guy can dream can't he? :-)

Today's run through the course was with my Saturday training partner. His name is also James, and for someone that has only run for three years he can sure put the hammer down on a long run. Usually we run about 10 miles on Saturday's and the first five miles are at my pace then after that we run at his pace. The way he puts it.. "I really don't get warmed up until after five miles.. and like clock work, when we hit five miles he finds his grove and it's off to the races! Ha!!

A nice group of runners meet today at the race start area and since no one was committing to run the entire 13.1 James and I went on ahead and started. There was a nice breeze this morning, the humidity was down (around 89%) the temp was about 75 with overcast skies.. so conditions were pretty good! The first half of the course was marked with white spray painted Hyundai icons. They had marked the turns real well (I don't know if they will last the three weeks till race day). The second half isn't marked yet, and we made a early turn on one street to soon, but this didn't effect the distance of the run.. Again, this run was a pleasant run through the quite streets of Montgomery and again I have to say how impressed I am with this course. This is a real "Chamber of Commerce course" it has sections that are not just great for a race but just as good for a leisure weekend run.

I really hope that the residents along the race course will be aware that there is a race going on and will be on their front lawns with their coffee to watch and cheer on the harriers! It is really amazing the uplift we get to have a total stranger cheer you on.

Plans are to return next Saturday and run the course again... Yes.. it is THAT good of a course.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Looking for a training partner?

Have you ever wished that you had a training partner that would run when and where YOU wanted to run? They would run with you no matter the time of day or night.. no matter the weather! They would be ready without a moments notice and without the first complaint! They will always be content with your pace! You can't be to fast or to slow! This training partner wouldn't ask you questions and expect you to answer, as you ran up that killer hill! Where do you find such a training partner? Well you find them on the computer... and you download them to your iPod (or mp3 player, if the podcast is in mp3 format) in the form of a running podcast... or as some call a runcast.

What is this podcast, you ask? Well.. the best way to answer this is to go here >> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcast

Well, now that you know what podcast is, lets get back to that training partner I was telling you about earlier. There are numerous podcast hosted by runners of all fitness levels and interests. You may do like I have done and download a few of the podcast by one host and after listening decide that it isn't for you or your interest.. no problem there are many to choose from.

A great location for find a number of quality running podcast you can start here >> http://www.runningpodcasts.org/

I'm will list a few of the ones that I listen too and can highly recommend them to you.

dirt dawgs rambling diatribe: A father, husband and ultrarunner running down a 100 miler http://www.runningpodcasts.org/podcast-directory/dirt-dawgs-rambling-diatribe-podcast/

Former Marine One Helo pilot that runs the mall of our nations capital and educates us at the same time

Training, lifestyle, veganism, being a Mom and Wife and fitting it all in

The podcast for runners, wannabe runners and mid-packers of all shapes and sizes who just want to strap on their favorite pair of shoes and get out there!

Listen to Gordon training for the Disney Marathon in 2010.

The Extra Mile Podcast follows the progress of runners training for 5k, 10k, half and full marathons across the globe. You can send Kevin an mp3 file about your training (like I do) and he'll post it to the podcast!

There are MANY others that are great quality and I'll say that you just need to listen to some yourself and I can almost guarantee that you will enjoy their company and learn a lot about running.. and like me you will find some great friends. Most are on twitter and invite you to follow there tweets...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hyundai Half is almost here!

I must say that when I heard that Montgomery was going to host a half marathon, I was a little skeptical. But then I heard that this race would have the same race directors that were in charge of the Birmingham Mercedes Marathon, I got excited. Then, when it was announced that Hyundai was going to be the major sponsor.. Well, I knew then that this was going to be a winning event for the River Region and the runners in this area!! I am sure that this event will be just as successful as other races in the state.. and I am glad to be a part of the inaugural event!

Well, since this race wasn't really on my calendar until recently I had no plan to peak on the Oct 3rd race day. I was looking to merely be a part of the event and approach it as a training run as I prepared for the Vulcan 10k in Birmingham. However, I have a weakness for being to competitive for my own good and will now consider this a race, and in such, I will give it my best. I'm not in the shape that I need to be to run at the best of my potential, but I will do my best on race day to compete against those others in my age group.. You see I quit trying to compete against anyone younger than me.. that is just to much pressure on the 49 year old body.. :-)

So, Let's talk about the race course. I thought that I needed to make a test run over the course before race day and Labor Day seemed to be a good day to plan the recon. I drove my car over the course, a did so to the best of my ability, using the mapmyrun directions on the web. I had to make some detours because of closed gates and got somewhat turned around at one point.. but I think I knew the course enough to go ahead and get my recon run completed.

As I walked to what will be the starting line area, I was asked by a fellow on a bike (Larry) if I was going to run the 1/2 course.. he also asked if he could ride along side as I ran. He was supposed to meet a couple of runners he coached and do the same for them... but they were a no-shows. So, after some introductions I agreed that if he didn't have anything else better to do, it was OK with me. :-)

As it turned out, I was VERY happy to have Coach Larry around!! He knew the course and neighborhoods very well and did a great job of navigating us through all the turns. We even had a little time to reminisce about the old days of racing in the 70's. He was great company and I don't think I would have pushed the pace like I was able if he had not been there. I appreciate his company and positive words he had while I was running.

So.. If you are planning to run the race, here is the skinny on the course!

Like you will always hear.. Take it easy "coming out of the blocks". The first couple of miles consist of an upward incline to takes you out of downtown. You WILL NOT win the race in these first two miles but you can certainly loose any ability to make the next 11 anything more than agony. Save yourself and the lactic acid buildup by taking it slow. There is plenty of miles to make it up.. trust me on this.

From Mile 3 to 11 you will be treated to parks, neighborhood streets and the campus of two of Montgomery's University's. The miles will go by fast as you travel what is mostly flat and roads that actually have mostly a declining profile.

Now the "flat land party" is over and you will then have some hills to negotiate as you head back to downtown. Hopefully you have saved some endurance in your tank to make the S. Perry hill and then Hull street. The reward.. you head down Dexter Ave for a half mile of downhill striding.. and the finish line it is almost in sight!! You can just visualize that person in front of you that you just have to pass!!

  • I recommend that you either run the course before the race or at least run it in parts as you train for this event.
  • Don't worry that your training is "not enough" my first half mara in 2001 was accomplished by training miles that didn't exceed 6 miles at one time. You can do it!
  • Read the newspaper articles in the Montgomery Advertiser by Kym Klass for some great running tips and instructions.
Here are my mile splits from the recon run this morning:

7:50; 7:54; 7:35; 7:26; 7:49; 7:42; 7:50; 7:42; 7:45; 8:09; 7:55; 8:27; 7:25


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