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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Well... It's almost here....

One more week till the Inaugural Montgomery Half Marathon. Hope everyone's training has been as they needed and that there will be some PR's set this coming weekend.

I ran 8 miles this AM as my last long run. I will taper most of this week. My legs are feeling petty heavy and I just feel that they need some rest more than they need miles at this point.

Good news is the whether is taking a break from the high temps and humidity starting on Monday!!! And even better yet it looks as though race day will follow a night with a low of  around 64* and the high expected of 79. Just as a reference it was already 79 at 10:00 this morning... and around 85% humidity.

No further words of wisdom..

The number of entrants has increased.. Looks like around 450 runners at this point.. No doubt there will be some late entrants and we will breach 500 total! That would really be a good sign for the organizers and Hyundai for the continuation of what could be a very popular Race of the South.

I'll keep saying it.. this is a GREAT course. I think will impress most who run it and I can't wait to hear some of the post race comments!  Yeah.. it starts with a rather long hill and the hills at the end can certainly test you.. but what is between makes up for it... The reward will be in the calm serenity and pleasant streets of Montgomery's campus and residential areas as the course welcomes everyone who accepts the challenge of 13.1 miles.

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