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Monday, September 14, 2009

It's a Distance Runner Thing

OK.. I know this isn't that is normal, even for a distance runner, but I have three black toenails ... One that is mature and two that are trying to grow up be like their older twin. It think the last one I got was sometime in 2007 and that was only one. The main cause for black toenails is your toes rubbing or hitting the top of your shoe. To the most part that comes from shoes that are to small. I have been running in the same brand/style/size of shoe for the past 7 years and this just confuses me.  They did change the style a little this year but one of the first things I noticed about the new style was the roomy toe box.. Thus my confusion.. or maybe that is the problem..  I've read a couple of web site articles and there are a some other reasons that might be a cause. One is having too loose a running shoes... on each foot fall your foot slippage could cause my foot to slip up the toe box and press up against the end of the shoe. The top of my right foot was hurting so I loosened up my Yankz laces... so this could also have lead to the demise of my once three healthy nails. Well.. that is enough on that..

This is a new training week

I started the week off with a 7 miler. Just a nice paced run. I will run 7 mile runs Mon - Wed - Fri and then the half marathon course again on Saturday. I'll update you more this week...

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  1. You've inspired me! I'm getting a pedicure tomorrow! lol



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