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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What I wear

I thought fellow montgomeryhalf.com blogger Jeff ( http://runjeffmoody.blogspot.com/ ) had a pretty good entry yesterday. He wrote about what he eats, wears and listens to when he runs. So OK, I'll do the same..

Starting at the top.. I usually wear a tech hat. When I first started back running a few years back I wore a cotton baseball cap.. not good.... Tech hats are built to wick away the moisture and dry quickly. Lately, I have been sporting a tech visor. This is a little cooler because the heat that is released through the top of your head is not trapped.

Reflective vest!!!! Always when I run!! VERY IMPORTANT!!! 

Shirt or no shirt?  For me, as long as the temp is above 60 degrees I choose to go shirtless. It's just my preference. I have several running singlets which is my cover of choice when the temps get below 60 but above 45. For temps between 35 and 45 I'll run with something that has short sleeves. for Temps below 35 I'll go long sleeves. Of course all these gear is moisture wick tech material.

Gloves or Mittens? I like mittens when it gets real cold because the fingers can keep each other warm. For other low temp training runs the choice is gloves.

Shorts: Always shorts.. split side shorts..n matter how cold it gets.  I guess I am just old school when it comes to running shorts and I just don't like the long shorts (basketball shorts is what I call them) that I see other runners wearing.. I guess growing up running in the 70's this was the thing to wear and I still think it is.. although sometimes I wonder if I am to old to be wearing them.. but as long as they will make split side shorts, I'll be wearing them... and besides they make me feel faster!! hahaha!

Socks: I wear Asics socks that are designed to fit the each foot. By that, I mean they are made like shoes, one is for the right foot and one for the left foot. They are padded and have extra elastic and support in the correct areas for the right and left foot. I won't change from this style sock.. They are THAT good.

Shoes: Asics Nimbus 11. I have been wearing the Nimbus style since they were Nimbus 8's. They are great shoes for my foot and running needs. I replace shoes after I put about 350 on a pair.

RoadID with emergency contact information. I will not knowingly go on a run without my RoadID. This was a promise I made to my wife.  I HIGHLY recommend that everyone get one and wear it. www.roadid.com

Garmin 305 GPS: Never go for a run without it. Most of the time I use the heart rate monitor to check my heart rate during the run so that I am in the proper HR zone for my training.

Safety glasses: I run when it's dark and I wear a pair of safety glasses that my daughter got when she took a tour at the Hyundai plant. They are great and very good quality. They protect from flying bugs, dirt that is stirred from passing cars and low hanging tree limbs.

Sunglasses: Oakley Half Jacket

Body glide in liberal amounts in areas that it is needed.. :-)

Music: I don't normally listen to anything while I am running.. I used to, but I just got to where I trained better without it. I will at times listen to running podcasts. (read my blog from a couple days back).

Food: I don't eat before my training runs and I prefer to race on an empty stomach. This works for me and you may have a different technique. On race day I try to get up 3 hours before the race time so that my body is awake. I will eat a banana or something else that is light and easy to digest right when I get up. I also will have at least one cup of coffee about 2 hours before race time.

Well.. who knew you could say so much about something so mundane as running gear.

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