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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Find a Positive.. well maybe..

Today's long run, once again covering the Montgomery Half Marathon course, was less that positive. After running it twice over the last couple of weeks, with positive results, today's run was just a matter of survival! Temps were in high 70's and humidity was 95% @ 6:30 AM.

James and I had a fellow runner named Chris run the course with us today.. I knew when I saw him get out of his car that he was gonna be a good runner. Just had that body frame ...every bit of 130 lbs. and just made like an efficient distance runner... my instincts were right. We all ran together at a nice crusin pace of around 8:30/mi. Then Chris and James took off after about 8 miles. For me the heat and humidity was just to much to overcome and it just killed me. I DO NOT do well with heat/humidity conditions. So, I just let them go to the races and do what they wanted. I dropped back and slogged through the remaining miles... I really need a cold front on race day!!  I think my sweat soaked shirt/shorts/shoes weighed 5 or 6 lbs when I finished.

Today I just couldn't keep up with these two guys. Chris is in our age group and from what we saw today he has a good chance to take our age group on race day.. James will do well also...  I am just not in the shape that I need to be, to be competitive with my fellow age groupers. I will get there but I am looking long term and not expecting to be back to my former self until this time next year.. I'm also trying not to put to much pressure on myself or to make excuses,  but I know what I am capable of running when I am in top form..  I am not there now.. I just need to be patient and work my way back up.

I did my first ice bath after the run today.. it was COLD but I think my legs don't feel spent and fatigued like they would normally be after a run of this length.

College football on the tube today.. been raining so much this week I don't know when the grass will be dry enough to cut....

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