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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Second Verse Same As the First

Well.. not really.. But I did run the Montgomery Half course again today. That makes twice this week... Hmm if I add up both times for the two halfs... that makes a 3:24 full marathon.. Well a guy can dream can't he? :-)

Today's run through the course was with my Saturday training partner. His name is also James, and for someone that has only run for three years he can sure put the hammer down on a long run. Usually we run about 10 miles on Saturday's and the first five miles are at my pace then after that we run at his pace. The way he puts it.. "I really don't get warmed up until after five miles.. and like clock work, when we hit five miles he finds his grove and it's off to the races! Ha!!

A nice group of runners meet today at the race start area and since no one was committing to run the entire 13.1 James and I went on ahead and started. There was a nice breeze this morning, the humidity was down (around 89%) the temp was about 75 with overcast skies.. so conditions were pretty good! The first half of the course was marked with white spray painted Hyundai icons. They had marked the turns real well (I don't know if they will last the three weeks till race day). The second half isn't marked yet, and we made a early turn on one street to soon, but this didn't effect the distance of the run.. Again, this run was a pleasant run through the quite streets of Montgomery and again I have to say how impressed I am with this course. This is a real "Chamber of Commerce course" it has sections that are not just great for a race but just as good for a leisure weekend run.

I really hope that the residents along the race course will be aware that there is a race going on and will be on their front lawns with their coffee to watch and cheer on the harriers! It is really amazing the uplift we get to have a total stranger cheer you on.

Plans are to return next Saturday and run the course again... Yes.. it is THAT good of a course.

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