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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Body, Don't fail me now!!

Ok.. who else does that happen to? You do all the right training and keep your diet in check for months.. then the week before the race you start to feel drained and you start to think that you catching a cold..

Well this is where I am today.. Yesterday I started to feel like my throat was swollen.. then that went away and now I just feel worn out.. I took a day off from work to rest and will get a good nights sleep tonight.. and maybe tomorrow will be better..

The night before the race is turning out to be less than perfect for a race on Saturday. My daughter plays in the High School band and as parents of a band member we have volunteered to work one of the many concession stands. I will try to leave at halftime and get a headstart on a good nights sleep..

This brings up a good hint.... The most important rest night is the night before the eve of your race. Just in case you are like me and are often restless the night before a race you don't go into the race day with two nights of less than your required rest.

I am sure that this is a very temp problem I am having..and will be race ready on Saturday morning.

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