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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Great Event!

I have to say the inaugural running of the Montgomery Half Marathon must be considered a GREAT success. I was totally surprised at the number of runners that accepted the challenge of the 13.1 mile course. And I thought that the longest race in this River Regions area that could be a success, was 10K. I was proved VERY wrong.. and I'm glad to say I was wrong!

I was glad that Scott Strand of Birmingham was the winner. Scott is a truely blessed runner that did a great job of picking out his parents! He is a humble and soft spoken man, but put a pair of racing shoes on him and he's like a crazy wind. His race time of 1:10 is great, and oh by the way...did I mention that he is 41 years old.. that makes him a member of the "Masters" class! Yep.. he is good.

As for my race, I am fairly satisfied with the time I ran. The race gave me an idea of the training areas that I need to emphasis during my winter training for the half marathons I have scheduled in January and February 2010. Longer training runs of 14 - 15 miles are in order and I also need to put regular one mile interval training days into my schedule. This will go far to help with a couple of things that happened during the race. My legs really gave out at mile 10 and it wasn't the hill that did it. I could feel tightness in my thighs about three mile into the race and by the time I got to the end they were totally spent and there wasn't anything left for the last two miles (Longer runs and speed work will help with both of these).

It was great to be in downtown Montgomery before the race and seeing all the fellow runners warming up chatting it up with other runners. taking about training.. how they are going to do in the race (or how bad). :-)

The splits above show that I started out and went through the the first eight miles at a pretty good and somewhat even pace.. but then I started to suffer a little after that..I ended the slide with an 8:24 - 12th mile.. I was hurting pretty bad. But thankfully I got to thinking about the last mile and knew that I would be given the gift of a 1/2 mile of downhill running and then I would see the finish line. That was enough to get me through to the finish.  I got passed by several people during the last 1.5 miles and each person that passed me increased my temper. There is NO way these people train harder than me.. or put in more miles that me.. They WILL NOT pass me again in the next race!! OK.. I'm back now.. just had to blow off a little steam.  You see, my running thrives off of my "failures".. and I work off of that burning competitiveness to make myself better... Like the Mercedes race... I stood at the starting line of this race with the thought in my head, " I can't wait for next year.. I am going to do so much better?" 


  1. James, great post and congrats on the time!

  2. Great job! you look like you have trained hard, and great shot of your marathon run!
    I totally get the feeling of frustration when being passed! Use it to fire you up!



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