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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Day another Race

This weekend I ended up running a local 8K road race. I had not planned to run but I kind of wanted to get a check on where I was in my preparation for the Vulcan 10 in two weeks. I won't go into every detail of the race but as it turns out I ran a pretty good avg pace for the 5 miles. Miles splits were

6:41; 7:02; 7:02; 6:38; 6:57

So.. started out good.. mile two had a hill and as most will do in a 5 miles race I held back a little in mile three.. Mile 4 had a slight down grade.. not enough to seem like you were going down hill but enough to help your pace. I don't know what happened in the last mile.. I don't feel that I slowed up any.. all I can think was that there were two long straight sections that lead to the finish and both were going into a headwind that was pretty steady.

I think my over all effort for the race was 90 - 95 percent. I never really "hurt" or felt that I just couldn't reach down for more and for whatever reason I just kept it on cruise to the finish. In fact, I turned around right after the finish and ran a cool down of a little over 2 miles.

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