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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

So.. Why not?

Well, I know I said it... after the Peach run in Clanton I told myself that I wasn't going to run another race this Summer... I was just so depressing an effort.. But, I really need to take my 'training temperature" to see how I am doing up to this point in my 10K training. This is a race that I have run before (Woodlands Wallahachee 5 and 10K). I have, up to this point, always run the 10K... but this year I will use the 5K to judge my training. It is an out and back course and I have always felt a little jealous when the 5K racers would be turning around at their halfway point while the 10K runners continued on to our turnaround point. This year I will join that group this year!

Training has been going fair. A couple weeks ago my hip started hurting so I lowered my mileage for a week and began some strength exercises that were on the Running Times podcast.. They were very timely and beneficial to me. I have tried to be diligent to the exercises and I believe that this has helped to get me back on track fast. Last week I had my first 40 mile week in a long time..

I will limit and taper my training this week and prepare for the race. I will update again post race

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