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Monday, July 27, 2009

Week 5 Training Update

I had a good week on the road. All combined I ran 35.9 miles in the 5 days of training. I also had one day of speed work.

I have had one struggle point with my training that I mentioned in an earlier blog. My average per mile pace has just been too fast. Any runs outside of speed work or Tempo runs have a purpose. They are to be EASY runs and are at a pace that provides maximum value for aerobic conditioning. If the line is crossed your muscles are unable to recover from the speedwork or they won't be "rested" for the upcoming speed session. So, last week I adjust accordingly and slowed it down. For the week I averaged 8:30 /mi for a goal pace of 8:34 /mi.

For my speed day I did 4 x 1/2 mi intervals. I opted to run these on the road during a regular 6 mile route. I ran little over a mile warm up then started into the intervals. Between each 1/2 mile interval was 1/4 mile jog. My times were 3:17; 3:13; 3:06; 3:11. My goal times was 3:12.. So I danced all around it pretty good. I OK with those times.

I say all this, for one reason. I spent some time this weekend looking at some training paces that I was running in 2007 (a very good race year for me). What I saw in the training log was clear.. I was training on non speedwork days entirely too fast. I paid the price of being off my running feet for most all of 2008. I don't want to make that mistake again.

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