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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

FORE!! A break in training..

Well, I had a abbreviated training week last week. No long run on Saturday. I got some exercise though.. I went on a golfing weekend with some men from my Sunday School class. The fellowship was great but considering my limited amount of playing time, my golf game is bad. So what can I learn from this? Pretty much the same as I learn from my running. Here are some thoughts:
  • If you don't practice (train) you will never be good.
  • It takes lots of practice to meet your potential.
  • Golf is as frustrating as running is therapeutic.
  • Golfers talk about fairways and long drives the way that runners talk about races courses and long runs.
  • You don't have to be in good physical condition to play 18 holes of golf.
  • You do have to be in good physical condition to run a 10k.
  • Golf courses sure are pretty.
  • Golf course can be a GREAT place for a run.
One thing about this past weekend was the weather was perfect. I actually got goose bumps one morning! Goose bumps in July!!! No way!!

Hope your training is going good.. have a goal .. have a plan .. work the plan .. and run.

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