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Sunday, August 8, 2010

First week in the Bank

Well.. the official - unofficial 19 week training plan for the Rocket City Marathon has official ended.

The reason I say unofficial is because the Hal Higdon plan is really 18 weeks and that is really starts tomorrow. So it all starts tomorrow and I am going to do my best to stick to the plan and the latitude that Hal gives me in my pacing goals. I'll give myself a B+ this week. Four of the days my training partner and I did good. But the cooler temps on Saturday had me kinda froggy and so I jumped..and we did mostly negative splits but I think I needed to do this to get a control point on where I am at the beginning of the training.

Confession: Having never run a marathon.. I don't know what it takes to train for one.. so I am trusting that the Higdon Intermediate plan is enough to get me to the finish line...

Well till next week.... here is this weeks results:

Monday: 3.3 mi - 31:04
Tuesday: 5.17 mi - 45:32
Wed:       3.3 mi - 31:31
Fri:          5.1 mi - 47:18
Sat:          8.14 mi - 1:07
Sun:         3.09 mi - 30:22


  1. Just found your podcast...from The Marathon Show "listeners also bought..." I see you're training for Rocket City--ME TOO! I'm using Fleet Feet's training plan, but I started with Hal Higdon's plans when I started running (in January).

    Interesting podcast-I think it will be good to listen on runs-you're like the perfect running partner, you do all the talking!!

    I would subscribe to both the podcast and follow the blog...but I just can't do it. See, I'm a through and through Bama fan! :D

  2. Good luck on your training, I found your blog while searching for chaco sandals and running blogs. Get interested and read some of the posts here. Very interesting and inspiring. Keep it up!
    More power!



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