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Friday, June 12, 2009

How It All Started - Part 1

I have no clue that more than 3 people will ever see this blog... but none-the-less I want to turn back the clock and tell my story of running. I heard someone say that if you are in an occasion to speak, if you have nothing else to talk about.. then just tell your story.. Everyone loves to hear a life story. So in a total disregard of fact that only 3 people will ever see this blog I am going to tell my story of running. It goes back a few years so I may break it up into parts.. just to make it bearable.

I guess my first step toward being a runner was as a freshman @ Auburn High School (Auburn, Alabama). I approached Coach McDonough about running track in the spring and he encouraged me to come on out for Cross Country to get in shape.. Funny I thought I was going to be a sprinter! ;-) So what could I say.. Sure, I'll do that.

I don't recall if I had running shoes to start (probably not) but when it looked like I was going to stick with this new venture my dad decided we could go out and buy some. Well, you have to understand that in 1974 you didn't just drive down the street and pull up to a sporting goods store like we have these days. There was one sporting goods store in Auburn, that had one style of running shoes. They were Ontisuka Tiger's (now called Asics). I'll tell a story about those shoes later...
So my running adventure started. Two highlights about that first year of training was breaking 7:00 minutes for the mile and one that wasn't a happy event. The first XC meet was coming up and I didn't make the cut to participate. Well this was all the motivation I needed... From that time on I worked harder than anyone else.. it paid off in years to come as I was voted MVP of the XC team for my Jr and Sr years.

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