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Saturday, June 27, 2009

How it Began Part II

I don't remember a lot about my first first three years of high school running.. I do remember that I didn't run much during the summer and paid the price every year when the XC season training season started.
I'll expound in more detail in later blogs but I ran the Peachtree Road race in 1976,77,78. It was a much different pre-race and race in that 76 race... 77 is when it really started to grow. I still have my racing bib and finisher card.. yes they actually handed out finishing cards. 812th out of around 3000 runners.. and only the first 1200 runners got T-shirts.. How I wish I still had that shirt!!
Well back to my high school running... my senior year was marked by several PR's in every distance from the 880 yard run to the 3 mile XC course. I still have the yellowing notebook pages that have lots of my senior year track practices recorded.. I don't know why I wrote them down.. or why I kept them all these years.. but glad I did.
An observation about the track workouts confirms to me that teenagers are CRAZY! I can't believe some of the back-to-back track/speed workouts I was put through.. My legs ache just reading them! ha! Another observation is that I am very close to running the same monthly mileage now as I was then.. not sure what that means.. just an observation.
Again, I would like to take future blogs and put in some detail about workout times and road races that I remember running.

Well.. after I graduated from High School (78) I ran and raced that summer and then shipped off to the Navy.. I stopped running at that time... and didn't really pick it up again until 2001. I'm back now... and am glad I was challenged by my sister to pick it back up.

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  1. Hold on to that notebook! some things can be thrown away in time but that is a keeper. Great story with great accomplishments in the past and more to come in the future.



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