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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A shirt for every race


Eight shirts and eight races. The picture proves it.. I have run the Mercedes Half Marathon each of the events eight years.  Someday I may have one of those T-shirt quilts made from these race shirts ... but not yet... maybe when I get 10!!

The race is almost here... As I waited at the starting line last year with my sister and friend, I was already looking forward to when I would be at that line in 2010. I hoped that my body would be repaired and trained for the race. Well, as I sit here and type this out, I wonder if I have met my expectations.. I have some aches and I am not as fast as I have been... but I am ready. I am ready to put it on the line and go beyond what I think I can do and "run the race that is set before me."

I look forward to traveling to Birmingham on the day before the race and spending time with my sister and to do some recording for my pre/post race podcast. Yep, it is almost here.... and well.. I can't wait!!!!!

My finishing info for all eight races:

2002: 1:53:45 @ 8:41; 40th age grp (40-44) First ever Half Marathon and first race since 1979
2003: 1:41:46 @ 7:46; 95th age grp
2004: 1:40:21 @ 7:40; 29th age grp
2005: 1:39:33 @ 7:36; 19th age grp
2006: 1:35:49 @ 7:18; 7th age grp (45-49)
2007: 1:29:53 @ 6:51; 4th age grp
2008: 1:59:55 @ 9:10; 73rd age grp (injury; ran with sister)
2009: 1:51:25@ 8:31; 62nd age grp (ran with sister to set a PR for her)


  1. Good luck man, you're a heck of a runner.

  2. WOW, sounds awesome, I love that you ran with your sister.
    Im dealing with local cougar sightings in my area!


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