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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A nice present today

I had a feeling that this run was going to be good.. I felt rested and strong today.. even though I ran a pretty hard 5 mile race pace yesterday.. at an average of 7:06 /mi. 
I got to run with my Saturday running partner (James) today.. that is always good.. James and I have a very similar training pace and we always complement and push each other during our long runs.  He is having a little bit of an issue with one of his knees so he couldn't push the pace hard that last mile but other than that he kept us both pressing the pace.

avg paced was 7:49 - Mile splits: 8:55; 9:00; 8:38; 7:55; 7:52; 8:01; 7:42; 7:50; 7:37; 7:27; 7:24; 7:24; 7:03; 7:13; 7:13


  1. I love those kinds of runs - start slowly, then really get the pace crankin' toward the end. Nice job!

  2. Meant to mention - I'm enjoying your podcast!

  3. Colin, I appreciate so much you saying that you are enjoying the podcast!! It means a lot to hear that!!
    Yeah.. the run was fun!

  4. weeeeelll, those are impressive times!



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