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Sunday, January 10, 2010

OK.. enough is enough

It is still COLD..

I NEVER said in the HEAT and HUMIDITY of Summer that I wanted it to be cold.. I always prefer moderate temps.. So I don't have any guilt is saying that I am REALLY tired of this.. Good news though.. I think this is the last night of temps in the teens.... after tomorrow there will be a warming trend that will start in lows of around 25* and end the week with lows in the 40's.

I think the same aches and pains that are magnified in the extreme heat of summer, present themselves the same with the extreme cold comes around. I have sore thighs from yesterdays long run and there is no reason that they should be feeling this way.. all I can think is that the cold muscles won't allow my natural stride and that the compensation works different muscles.. thus I am sore. I think the same can be said of my Achilles.. all of a sudden it is aching.. for no particular reason...

Well.. on with the show.. because it MUST go on!!


  1. Do you think hydration was a factor? I know on my long run today that I finished my water and then a couple of miles later started cramping up in places I'd never experienced before. Then again, maybe it's just too frickin' cold!

  2. well.. To tell the truth.. during these winter runs I don't hydrate during the long runs.. so it maybe a factor.. maybe...



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