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Saturday, January 9, 2010

One week till Auburn Half Marathon

 One week away to see were I really am in my training.... one week away to get an idea of how I will do at the Mercedes Half Marathon .. well that is the plan.

The news around here lately has been the COLD weather... as it has been for most of the Eastern half of the United States this last few weeks. For the last week the temps have not been above 40* and has been as low as 16 degrees and that isn't taking into count wind chill.. with that it has gone down to single digits. I have been asked by several of my non-running friends, "did you run today?". My answer of course is, "Yes I did"... I don't see where the low temps should interfere with training.. If you are reading this.. you prolly feel the same.

The weather prediction at this time is supposed to be 41* and right now.. 60% chance of rain.

According to my 10K time-trial I ran last Saturday, I should run the 1/2 in a time of around 1:36. That is about a 7:20 /mi pace. I should be able to maintain that pace... but to he honest.. I want to blow that out of the water... but I will be smart and stick to the plan and ... since it is an out and back.. maybe negative splits will be in the works.. we'll see..

Today James and I ran our training run of 12.7 miles in 1:42. It was a smooth run in the frigid South. We passed the temp sign when the Sun was up and about a mile left in the run.. it read 22*... These kinds of temps in the South are just not right!! 

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