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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! It is COLD!!

OK.. enough already!! It has been cold ALL YEAR!! yeah, I know that it is only the 6th.. but it has been cold everyday this year.. and the mornings have been brutal.... and the real bad news is, it's gonna get worse!!!

For training in this mess, I have managed to run a solo 10K time trial on Saturday. I ran a time of 43:23... just at a 7:00 /mile pace. Not bad for running the entire distance without anyone to pace or push. It was cold on that day too.. and it seemed that the wind was swirling just enough that I had wind in my face a lot of the way. Followed that up with a short three miler on Sunday morning. Monday I ran 1/2 mile intervals in my neighborhood streets. These roads are rolling hills so it was more realistic to racing than running the flat downtown roads I normally use for my interval training. Tuesday is a recovery run... but my body was saying rest when the alarm went off at 3:10. So I slept in for an extra hour. Tomorrow is a 45 minute tempo run!! I can't miss this run.. even if the temp will be below 20*.... Sometimes you just have to man-up and get after it.. It will be these runs that pay-off on race day. Well.. that is my story and I'm gonna stick with it.


  1. Love that "Havin' fun" pic. You have groupies? ;-)

  2. That is my Sister (in the white shirt) and Cindy her friend. Read the blog entry about the 2009 Mercedes.. :-)



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